Taking action – neighbourly solidarity DIY

Neighborhood in solidarity also means: solidary house communities!

Do you know your direct neighbors? How do they feel about the current situation? Do people from the risk group live in your house? Have you already discussed whether you can help and support each other?

Feel free to use this info sheet – with information in German and English, contact telephone numbers and. It can help to organize help and to support each other in your house community.Here’s the pdf version.


And here is a great sewing instruction for DIY protective masks: 

PDF for download: sewing instruction DIY mask

This instruction was created by a neighbor from Jena South and is available for free use. So, sew a nice protective mask from old fabric remnants, and maybe also one more for your neighbor? We also distribute some sewing instructions during the foodsharing. If you have the possibility to sew several of these (or other) masks, you are welcome to bring them during the foodsharing times. You can find more information on our homepage. Or get in touch with suedviertelsoli@riseup.net if you are looking for a larger sewing project.

Aushang (1/2)
Aushang (2/2)
Schutzmaske DIY Anleitung