In the Corona state of emergency, practical neighbourly solidarity is very much needed!

Solidarische Nachbarschaftshilfe
Front of Magdelstube I Neighborhood and solidarity

The spread of the corona virus (SARS CoV2) is increasingly creating a state of emergency in Germany as well. As a self-organized initiative and neighbors we were also faced with many questions in view of the current developments:

How can we as (urban) neighborhoods build up solidarity-based support structures?

What does solidarity mean in times of Corona?

How can the Magdelstube (also as a place) contribute to this without endangering the risk group in particular?

What demands can and must be made in view of the experiences of solidary neighborhood support? (Precisely because Corona affects people in different ways and with different severity, e.g. precariously employed, care providers …)

We must contribute to the protection of the particularly vulnerable groups of people (old age, people with immunodeficiency and pre-existing conditions) and help all those who are in need and under enormous strain in the current situation. In order to prevent further transmission of the disease, this can mean, on the one hand, avoiding social contacts, especially when symptoms are already present.

In addition, however, it is also necessary to develop collective strategies for action within neighborhoods, which counteract the trend of hamster purchases and individual isolation.

You can find out here how solidary neighborhood help works in Jena South.

In addition, you will find the concept of the self-organized, neighborly support structure in Jena South, information for neighbors, material to print out and hang up (e.g. in the apartment building), instructions for protective masks, important telephone numbers, information on support offers and more about how the Magdelstube will continue to be used.

We try to keep all information up to date (check out our facebook page, too).


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