Boardgame meeting online

Boardgame evening in the Magdelstube

We would like to share our passion for playing board and card games with each other and to have fun together even in the current exceptional situation. Even if we can’t meet for playing in the Magdelstube, we would like to introduce you to online board game platforms and give you tips for playing so that playing together continues to be fun.

We can recommend the free online board game platforms, and, where you only have to create a free account and then you can start playing (a halfway stable internet connection of course required). No matter whether you arrange a date with friends to play a game together online from home, or play the game of your choice with other players, the rules and fun remain the same. It should be noted here that the gaming platforms are very busy, especially in the evenings, and there can be problems from time to time due to server overload (especially in the board game world, nothing works after 8:30 pm). Those who can choose their own playing time therefore prefer to play online during the day.

We would also like to introduce you to cooperative games that can contribute to a peaceful coexistence in the current tense situation, since in these games you don’t play against each other, but with each other. Here it’s all about reaching a tricky game goal together or defeating the game as such. To challenge luck together or to think through complicated strategies as a team is usually great fun. If you have found an interesting game here and would like to support the Jena retail trade, please note that you can have games and toys delivered directly to your home by Spielschlau ( So here are our cooperative gaming tips:

Hanabi (2-5 players aged 8 and up try to conjure up the most impressive fireworks in about 30 minutes by playing cards in a well coordinated way – the special challenge: you only see the other players’ cards and not your own)

The Game (1-5 players aged 8 and up have the goal in this card game to place as many number cards as possible in ascending or descending order and to gain more leeway by skilfully jumping numbers).

Pandemic (2-4 players aged 10 and up, who are not yet tired of the topic of pandemics, are challenged in this exciting game to heal sick people, to prevent serious outbreaks of disease and to develop antidotes in time to save the world from the ever worsening pandemic. Game duration approx. 45-60 minutes)

The crew travels to the 9th planet (3-5 players aged 10 and up master the game in a cooperative

Stichspiel in 10-40 minutes all kinds of obstacles on the journey to the 9th planet)

Mystery (2-7 players aged 10 and up try to solve a murder case from many years ago with the help of beautiful picture cards)

Magic Maze (For 1-8 players aged 8 and up, you have to quickly and silently move game pieces through a department store in about 15 minutes, without losing sight of the steadily decreasing time and increasing the difficulty level by level. Attention and overview is required here 🙂

The Mind (2-4 players aged 8 and up lay down number cards in only 15 minutes full of excitement and silence without any agreement or fixed move order with the aim of doing so exclusively in ascending order.

And for the time after the Corona social distancing, we regularly plan a games evening in the Magdelstube on the last Thursday of each month.

Many greetings and stay playful!

Manuel and Ramona