You need direct help or support?

Via the Magdelstube a solidary neighbourhod support structure is being coordinated, which can provide support in the following activities:

  • Shopping (food, pharmacy, etc.)
  • mailings and postal items
  • childcare either as direct care or, in the case of older children, as a telephone contact in case of an emergency (1:1)

What we cannot afford is to make medical diagnoses as well as therapy and any medical/psychological adivice.

How do you contact us? You can reach us daily from 9am-7pm under 0177/4748840.


Would you like to support us?

Do people who are in the risk group live in your house? Solidary neighbourhod works best via short, self-organised routes! You can find an infosheet to print out and hang up in your own house on this website (click here).

The coordinated neighbourhod help via Magdelstube is also dependent on helpers. You are welcome to call us at the above-mentioned mobile phone number during the telephone hours or write and e-mail to ( and tell us how you can or would like to support us.

Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us.


Tips for assistance with shopping (recommended by the health authorities)

  • Wear gloves and disinfect hands before and after shopping
  • Observe the usual hygiene regulations: Cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm, wash your hands regularly, avoid any contact with your face
  • No direct contact with the person while handing over the goods: do not hand over the goods, but place them at a place agreed upon
  • Money: receive the money in an envelope (with name and amount), open the envelope at the cash desk and put the content into the cashier, put the change and receipt back into the envelope

Tips for childcare support

  • We want to convey “sponsorships” and not create self-organized day care centers where many children come together at once. This would contradict the principles of avoiding contact.
  • We ask helpers to give us information about their time, as well as whether they have experiences with childcare or children themselves, which age groups they prefer to look after, etc. This helps us to find the right person for the incoming support requests.
  • In the case of older children who may already be home alone, it is also possible that one person can be reached by phone only in case of an emergency, while the parents/caretakers go to work.

Information on offers of support in Jena can be found on the following pages, among others:

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