Ideas for the neighbourhood hub

Regular opening times:

The idea is that the hub opens once a week, everyone is welcome. Grab a coffee or tea, have a chat, get informed about what’s going on in the neighbourhood. If you can offer or are in need for some help or simply search for a friend, that is the right reason to come in. There’s also a foodsharing shelf, where you can take some food and save it from being thrown away or leave food that you would like to share.

From people for people – Community programs for all:

Do you want to organize a group or offer something for the community? – The hub is the right place. It can be a monthly tenant meeting, unemployed people support group, women support group, LGBTI, refugee meeting, games night or a kid’s corner. These are of course only examples; there is no limit for your own ideas.

Regular use by groups and initiatives:

If you are part of a group/initiative already, which is still looking for a room for regular meetings, feel free to contact the neighbourhood hub.

Public events:

The hub can be used for various events, such as discussions, film nights …. A launch event (April/May 2019) is also planned and with plenty of helping hands we might organize a summer party on the Fichte-Platz, just around the corner of the hub.

Open space:

Finally, the hub shall be an open space in the neighbourhood, that can be used by anyone. You can offer something, share an interest, organize an event, find companions. The hub is non-commercial and everyone is welcome!