Self-organized neighbourhood hub in Jena South

Last autumn, a group of people came together to organize a publicly accessible, collectively financed space in the neighbourhood of Jena South. The goal: To strengthen solidarity within our neighbourhood.

This means that the rent for this room, its furniture and anything else is financed with smaller and bigger donations from volunteers. It is their work, which makes the hub possible: the volunteers, their time and engagement!

Why do we need a neighbourhood hub in Jena South?

An open and non-commercial neighbourhood hub creates a meeting place for everyone. We want it to be a space, that is shaped and organized by as many people as possible. A space that is embedded in our diverse neighbourhood, bringing people of different backgrounds together: young and old, families, refugees, students, pupils, unemployed and employed people. We want it to be a space of mutual respect and support. Honestly, who knows his*her neighbours nowadays?

Let’s get to know each other!

How can I support the hub and get involved?

At the moment, there is a group of people, which deals with all the organizational stuff and that meets on a regular basis. There is plenty of work to do, not only organizing the hub, but also maintaining the space and program. We can’t and we don’t want to manage it alone! So, if you have time and joy to get involved, please contact us and get involved the way you feel comfortable with.

The hub needs you, your support and ideas!

Contact us: