Within a few days, a group of people in Jena South got together to set up direct neighborhood support structure. Unfortunately, the current corona virus situation has once again shown how important solidary self-organised, neighbourly structures are!

In the near future, we will discuss, try out and develop together what solidary neighbourhood means – and gain a lot of experiences in the process. We will also find ways of networking and exchanging ideas. Especially with the regard to a time after corona, it will be also important to formulate demands based on our experiences.

What does solidarity mean for you?

What experiences have you made during this time?

What’s on your mind?

Do you want to share your experiences? Write us a mail to: stadtteilladensued@riseup.net

The challenges of the current situation require direct action in one’s own neighbourhoods, short distances often mean fast support.

But solidarity does not stop in one’s own neighbourhood, that is only where it begins!   

Solidarity contradicts all forms of group-related misanthropy!

As an open and tolerant neighbourhood hub in Jena South, we decisively oppose any use of the term solidarity by right-wing populists and right-wing rhetoric!

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